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Why I Ride - I am riding in the second Answer to Cancer ride in honor of my dad, Bob Shapiro, who passed away from brain cancer in 2008.  Cancer unfairly deprived him of the chance to fight important unfinished battles.  Others should not have to face the same.

Goals - Last year I rode 27 miles and was the 13th fastest rider at that distance, so I decided to challenge myself further this year.  I plan to ride 55 miles -- the farthest I have ever ridden a bike.  With ambitious athletic goals come ambitious fundraising goals.  Last year we raised almost $4,000 and I'm aiming to best that with your help.  

Why CRI? - The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is working hard to develop new and promising immunotherapy-based treatments for all cancer patients.  (Brain cancer is one type of cancer where immunotherapy has shown great promise.)  CRI has funded over 120 clinical trials and six immunotherapy drugs have received FDA approval.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg - powerful weapons remain to be discovered to fight all cancers, including those that are currently death sentences, like my dad's.

Worthy Charity - CRI has one of the best Charity Navigator ratings of any cancer organization (94.69 with a 4-star rating), and meets all 20 of the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability.  So your donation will be used as intended - while the American Cancer Society, for example, spends over 40% annually on non-program overhead expenses, CRI uses a remarkably low 14%, leaving 86% for program expenses.

Matching Contributions - To incentivize generous contributions, I will personally match 25% of all donations made to my page (up to $5,000).

Thank you! - Thank you in advance for your consideration of CRI and your support for my ride.

Funds raised: $4,219 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Nick Slavin : $50
Sami Fox
Maggie Schnog
Angela Cheng
Good luck, Phil! A+G
Good luck Phil!
Philip Shapiro : $135
Thanks for all the support!
Constance Shapiro
Go PHIL!!!
Carol & Howard Hankin
55 miles!!!
Adam + Virginia Yozwiak : $75
Good luck Phil! Enjoy the ride
Elana Shapiro
Daddy would be very proud! Knock em dead.
Karin Mango
Very best wishes for the ride, Phil!
Catherine Honohan
Go Phil Go!
Adele Burke
Good luck Phil. This is such an important cause. And mazel tov on the wedding!
Go get'em Tiger.
David Zlotnick : $50
Good Luck Phil - Don't forget to Carbo-load the night before :)!!
Ari Ruben : $50
Philip Shapiro : $132
Thanks for all the support
Leonard Auerbach
Daniel Wolff : $50
Hanna Chalhoub : $150
Constance Shapiro
Keep on peddling!! What a great way to raise research funding!!
Harry Gelb : $100
Joseph Gelb : $18
Philip Shapiro : $152
Thanks for all the support!
Anonymous : $25
Good luck Phil!
Nina Xue : $100
Paula and Warren Gold : $100
Max Gelb : $25
Good luck Phil! Enjoy the ride!
Paul Lerner : $90
Anonymous : $100
Libby Lane : $18
Linda Stone : $150
Thank you for raising the much needed funds and good luck climbing the mountain!
Anonymous : $72
Philip Shapiro
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