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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Cancer can affect anyone, which is why I am proud to be participating in this event that will help create the Answer to Cancer. The Cancer Research Institute is working hard to bring a new and promising way to treat cancer, called immunotherapy, to all cancer patients.

When I was a little girl my grandfather died of cancer - that was 45 years ago, what did I know?  But as the years went on, cancer seemed to be getting everyone I knew; my sister in law, a best friend from high school, my mom's best friends, my daughter's classmate only 8 years old, a friend's 12 year old cousin, a young girl from the block I grew up on, co workers, distant relatives, a woman I call my little sister from years past, 2 of my best friends, parents of my best friends, my cousins, my neighbor, my mother in law & my husband.  Countless others, the LIST goes on.  Some beat it & unfortunately some didn't.....  It's maddening at times when you got that call - so & so has been diagnosed with cancer - you just go numb for the moment and pray they will be ok.    I had a scare in June 2016 - a lesion in my skull - what the hell???  Cut open my head? Take this "thing" out ? Put a plate in my head?  I was LUCKY, no cancer for me - but I was scared to death. So now I want to take this 50 mile ride - and help raise money so everyone's LIST of people they know that have cancer, grows shorter!  I am asking you to give up your fancy coffee for a day or two and donate that money  - every dollar helps!  This is for all cancers! Everyone knows someone.  This will be quite the challenge for me but nothing like the challenge every cancer patient faces. 

Please make a donation today to help me reach my fundraising goal. 100% of all donations will go to support lifesaving cancer research.

I am beyond grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Together, we will find the Answer to Cancer!

Funds raised: $2,095 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Raymond Lanza : $50
Michelle Gengler : $25
Roseann Kelly : $25
James Hartnett : $100
Good luck to my wife Ann Marie Raimondi Hartnett and to my sister in law Claire Raimondi , who is a cancer survivor, on their 50 mile bike tour to help raise money for cancer research. Stay strong.
Lori Zanelli : $100
Ann and Claire, We are so proud of both of you! Thank you for riding for such a great cause! Love, Lori, Lou and Jenna
Jacqueline Scarcella : $150
Laura Delin
Good Luck AnnMarie!
Eileen Coffey : $50
In memory of Thomas J. Coffey
Christy Dexter : $25
Go get em AnnMarie. In memory of Jennifer Abbott and Pete "Tiny" Messler
Mary Schaffer : $50
Thank you!
Answer to Cancer : $25
A2C Referral Credit
Concetta Raimondi : $50
Deborah Grisanti : $25
Christine Monforti : $25
Cancer sucks! Thanks for riding for a cause, Ann Marie!
Anonymous : $25
In memory of my grandfather who I miss so much & my awesome godson who is a survivor 🙏🏻
Anonymous : $100
This is from Jeannie Airhart who just lost her mom in August and her dad 2 years ago to cancer. I was telling her about it and she asked me to donate for her folks. Make us proud!
Victoria Hartnett
Love you, mom!
Kimberly Barcia
Have a great ride!!!!
Pamela McClellan : $25
Ride for life!
Judith Kraut : $50
Ann Marie have a great ride. I know you can do this.
Mary Donovan
Good luck👍🏻
Dina Russo : $25
Knock em dead !
Anonymous : $50
Good luck girlfriend!
Carmelina De Santis : $100
Have lost serveral close to me this year. You GO girl
Betsy Mahoney : $25
Lost both my parents to cancer. Always praying for a cure. You are awesome Ann Marie
RaeAnn DeSantis : $100
Go Team Tweens!!! Run for the cause!!!
John Drury : $100
Judi Leahy : $100
Go Annie!
Lori Buccellato : $25
Go Annemarie!🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
Antoinette Hibert : $50
Go Ann Marie!!!
Carmine Raimondi : $50
The Raimondi's Good Luck, Make us proud.
Carrie Hartnett : $50
Good Luck Ann!!
Anna DeSantis : $50
Go Team Tweens! ❤❤❤
Annmarie Cronin : $25
Freat job, Ann!
Regina Luisi : $50
Wonderful! Go get 'em Ann Marie!!
Jackie Mersereau : $50
What a great cause! Good luck!!
Nora Hartnett : $25
Great cause!! Good Luck xxoo
Pamela Colletti : $25
How wonderful. .a cause that needs all our help xo
Peter Spano : $50
It is an honor to support this cause, and it has been an honor to have you as a friend all these years. Not only are you the prettiest woman in Human Resources, you are a great person!
Lisa Theodoracopoulos
Maria Platt
Joseph Esposito : $50
We are happy to support you, We love you both!