Lisa Gerson | LG's Team

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Cancer can affect anyone, which is why I am proud to be participating in this event that will help create the Answer to Cancer. The Cancer Research Institute is working hard to bring a new and promising way to treat cancer, called immunotherapy, to all cancer patients.

Please make a donation today to help me reach my fundraising goal. 100% of all donations will go to support lifesaving cancer research.

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Together, we will find the Answer to Cancer!

Funds raised: $3,764 of $4,000


Thank you donors
Dan Berkley : $50
Have a great ride! 🚴‍♀️
Lauren Bond : $50
Brian Mcgill : $50
Joel Hugenberger
Have a great ride, Lisa!
Patricia Bulakowski : $100
Best of luck ! Have a great ride
Toni Ann Kruse : $100
Hope you have a great ride!!! :)
Laura Hirschfeld : $100
John Calandra : $100
Good luck Lisa
Jay Rivlin : $100
Jennifer Filippazzo : $50
Way to go Lisa!
Maria Erb
Estelle Schmones
Lauren Weiser
Go Lisa!!!!
stacey schwartz
Lynn & Michael Canning
So proud of your efforts for this very worthwhile cause. ENJOY THE RIDE!!!
Joan Sax : $100
You go girl! Xo
Tony Bongiorno : $100
Laura Serafino : $50
Alison Berman : $180
Susan Gross : $50
Great job thank you for all do 🚵‍♀️
Jim Pardo : $250
Donation is exclusive of the drinks I'll buy you for doing this event. Well done, G.
Sonia Lee : $100
Lily Horan : $100
Deborah & Joe Miller : $50
Glad to support you Lisa
Sarah Leivick
Go Lisa and Happy Birthday!
Lauren Handel : $50
Rachel Nord : $50
janet bellsey : $150
Ready...Get Set.....Go! We are behind you all the way Janet and Steve
Alix Cotumaccio : $25
Rock it!
Jen Rubel : $50
Rachel Lubert : $100
Go Lisa!
Rachel Miller : $100
Keep fighting the good fight! We're behind you all the way (but probably in a car and not a bike, maybe roller blades) So proud of you!!!!
Debi & Barry Bass : $100
Wishing you strength, stamina, and sunny skies!!
William Bellsey : $250
Malinda Morain
Enjoy the climb!
Shelly Geppert : $100
Go Lisa!