Laurie Debenham

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  I am very excited to be taking this ride in support of The Cancer Research Institute which is the world's leading nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to harnessing the immune system's power to conquer all cancers. 

My sister Ann, who I last rode a bike with about 25 years ago, will also ride in support of CRI.  Ann has been following the research coming out of CRI for several years and is very hopeful with the advances they are making.  My sister has 2 children who have battled cancer, so her interest is very personal.   

Lauren, currently 14 and in her first year of high school, had her first cancer at 18 months and then 2 brain tumors in the past 5 years.  Fortunately, her cancers were able to be treated surgically without radiation or chemotherapy.

Brent was diagnosed with osteosarchoma just before his 12th birthday.  He was treated with chemotherapy and surgery and beat this cancer.  However, chemotherapy often causes other cancers down the road, and Brent has battled leukemia and melanoma since beating osteosarchoma. He has had over 40 operations and missed more school than he has attended since his initial diagnosis.  His older brother Alex donated bone marrow to him last year. He was recently discharged from a 7 week stay at the hospital, much of it in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.   

This is why we are excited about the research of CRI.  Immunotherapies are not toxic and do not cause the genetic damage that can cause other cancers and organ damage down the road.  

Please help me in supporting this important research. CRI scores 94.69 out of 100 on charity navigator.  They are developing some very promising therapies which may prove to cure cancers more humanely and more permanently than the therapies that are currently available.

Thank you!


Funds raised: $5,595 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Diane Delafield : $25
Altenheim Senior Living : $250
Bruce & Susan Lowe : $100
Thomas Fabek
Sending our support to you and your family! - Reed & Angela
David Matthews : $125
Robert Campbell : $200
Best Wishes and thanks for making us a part of your journey Bob & Shelle
Thomas Clyde : $25
Good Luck Laurie!
Cindy King : $100
Laurie, You are amazing & inspiring and always doing great things! All the Best, Bruce & CIndy
Linda Zvoncheck : $75
You are doing amazing work! God bless you!
Rich Volan : $100
Good luck!
Linda Tuma : $100
You and Your Family are AMAZING! BLESSINGS Always
Kelly & Adam Lambert : $20
Raj Singh : $10
Robert Mahoney : $10
Eileen Buzzelli : $100
M. McArdle : $20
NK Hummel : $20
G. Coreno : $20
J. Handon : $20
Robert Orszycki : $20
Jane Bittinger : $50
Anonymous : $300
Thanks to Kentucky derby participants for making this donation possible!
Peggy Cawley : $75
Margaret Schrader
Marge Lazar : $100
Wishing you ladies good weather and a great ride! Happy to help out with this great cause. We'll be thinking of you, Marge and George
Sarah Cormac
Go for it team RamerNation dont forget your gel-saddle and pants. Good Luck
Dave & Judy Sabol
Have a great ride ladies! Love you both!
Farid & Ghazala Ahmad : $100
Dan & Carmen Burke : $100
Logan & Lynne Donathan : $100
Jennifer Robinson : $50
Tim & Leslie Miller : $100
Jonathan & Tricia Balzer : $100
Dan DePalma : $5
Kristin Filipowicz : $10
Terry Rosson : $10
Barry Beutell : $5
Laurie Musser : $50
Prayers for you and your family!
KEVIN Milligan
Laurie, we wish you and Ann fair weather and strong tail winds on the ride, We applaud your efforts!
Emily Hannum : $100
Go RamerNation!! My employer, Loomis Sayles will send in a matching gift.
Nancy Nebenzahl : $100
You're always an inspiration!
Marc d'Acunzo
Adrienne Miller
All our love and support!
Timothy Thies : $100
Jen Timmerman
Laurie - sending good thoughts to you and Ann for the ride! You've got this! ~Jen & Pato
Simonette Pellegrino : $100
xoxo Simonette
Thank You, Janet!
Kim Goe : $25
Sending prayers to your family
Tom and Margaret King : $20
Thank you Uncle Tom and aunt Margaret!
Mary Ogden
Lisa Oblak : $25
Karen Potoczak
Emily Litella
"What's all this I hear about CANKER research?!" (Really, Laurie... from an episode in '75!) You are one of the good ones... fighting the good fight.
Michele Lushbaugh : $25
William & Lisa Cohen-Kiraly
Go for it, Laurie!!
Rosanna King : $25
Hannah Debenham : $30
Good Luck!!!
Derek & Frances Scott
We applaud and support all of the amazing members of RamerNation!
Dan & Marty Stewart : $100
Sending prayers and good wishes your way! Best of luck on the ride!
Diane Scott
Mary-Ann Milford : $100
My thoughts will be with you on your run. M-A
Helen Miller
Proud to support you for this great cause.
Adam Huber : $100
Go get it! I guess you didn't learn your lesson from all the marathons :) Love, Adam
Elizabeth Welch
So happy to support your ride for this cause, Laurie!! I'll be thinking of you and your family as you ride! Lots of love, Beth
Edward Lukuch
Go RamerNation!!
Simonette Pellegrino : $25
Prayers for RamerNation!
Becky McNeeley : $100
A GREAT cause and in support of GREAT people! Prayers with the Ramer Nation and everybody else who battles this!
Laurie Debenham
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