Ann Ramer

As a parent of two children with multiple cancer diagnoses, I have witnessed the damage, both long and short term, that chemo, surgery and radiation cause. I am grateful for these options against cancer, of course, but they come with a heavy price.  Brent's last cancer, a leukemia, was caused by the brutal chemotherapy regimen that we used to treat osteosarcoma.

Brent ultimately found success against AML by using the power of his brother Alex's transplanted immune system (and a whole lot of prayer.)  I am raising funds for researchers, so that they can develop more immunotherapies, fine tuning the process so that no one needs to endure what Brent has, for over five years.

I am biking 100 miles in June.  I ride for Lauren, so that she may never need chemo or radiation.  I ride for Brent because he has, and I firmly believe that we can do better.  Thank you always for your support and prayers for our family. 

Funds raised: $3,395 of $2,500


Thank you donors
Jennifer Rupnow
Todd Waites : $300
Blessings to the Ramer family!
Jina Demeo
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as you ride for this cause!
Krissie Miller : $50
Many prayers and best wishes to you on the ride and to the Ramer Nation!
Michelle Moos : $25
Julie Ziebro-Latarski : $25
Jacqui Berchtold : $50
dean and joan berish : $50
Kelly Stewart : $50
Anonymous : $25
Happy to donate to this wonderful cause. Best wishes, Ann!
Judith Sabol : $100
You got this Ann! Way to go!
Linda Niro
We've seen you in training! You'll do great!
Maureen McGuire : $100
Go Ann! Good luck with the ride. You've already conquered much bigger hills than any hill on this bike ride.
Lori Samhric
Happy trails to you! Good luck Ann and Alex!!!
Eileen ONeill : $50
Linda Weber
Good luck Ann!
Rebecca Mooney : $50
Keep pedaling! I'm so proud of you!!!! Love, DeAnn and John
Anonymous : $100
You go girl!
Lynne Robie : $50
Catherine Morgan
A small token of my support of Brent and Lauren (and all those who seek an Answer to Cancer).
Kathleen Deuch
Donna Miller : $100
In honor of Dwight, Brent and Lauren!
Jill Cammenga : $50
Much love and encouragement to you! Stay strong! <3
Monica Gill
Anonymous : $100
Beth Graham
Amy Pausche : $100
Hugs and love to RamerNation!
Stephen Wamsley : $100
Ride on, RamerNation! You inspire us all!
Trishia Shelly-Stephens : $25
Much love to RamerNation always. I know you will exceed your goal and crush this challenge!
Julie Kopmeyer
You. Go. Girl!!
Nick Miller : $100
Paul Herron : $50
Robert Thomson : $100
Roll On RamerNation!! 🚵🚵‍♀️
Cheryl Priest : $25
Go get Em Ann!!!
Edward Lukuch
You are an inspiration to so many and a shining example of the strength found when family pulls together. As always, you have our thoughts and prayers. Go RamerNation!!
Praying for cures, successful treatments, strength,, courage, and hope for the whole Ramer Nation.
Anonymous : $100
Roll to VICTORY...over Cancer, over fear, mental paralysis, and negativity!
Ann Ramer : $100
Ann Ramer
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