Bronxville Riders

Since 1953, the Cancer Research Institute has invested over $330 million dollars to support research conducted by more than 3,000 scientists and clinicians worldwide to understand the immune system and how it can be harnessed to conquer all cancers. This work has laid the foundation for nearly every major cancer immunotherapy breakthrough over the past half century.

While in the past, CRI has been known primarily to scientists, the organization is fast becoming a valuable educational resource for patients and their families. Unlike many cancer-related organizations that are focused on one type of cancer, CRI's research has the potential to save the lives of all cancer patients.

Bronxville residents have long served on the board and supported CRI. We encourage you to explore their website and learn more about the power and potential of immunotherapy.

West Point is beautiful this time of year and, for the ride through the United States Military Academy campus, we will have the road to ourselves. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to your family and friends.

Whether you are on a bike, your feet or just cheering us on, we look forward to seeing you on June 10th!

The Paul and DeMartini families

** If you are riding or walking, there is a minimum fundraising goal. However, the Bronxville Riders Team will make up any shortfall should you not be able to reach your individual goal. ($1,000 for riders, $500 for riders under 30 and $250 for walkers.) 

Funds raised: $13,600 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Katie Ridder : $250
Jennifer Thomas : $500
Judy Foley : $250
Carl Mayer : $1,000
Jennifer Mackesy : $250
Tina&Bill Staudt : $250
Maureen Barton : $350
Mimi McKenna : $100
Nancy McKenna : $500
Joan & David Henle
Christine and Tom Tormey : $500
Mariellen Carpenter : $500
Emily Bogle : $1,000
Mary and Chris Behrens : $1,000
Susan and Michael Delaney : $500
Mary Marvin : $50
ed and susan Forst : $1,000
Jake and Leah DeMartini : $100