It's never too early to get a jump start on training! Regardless of your distance on race day, it's important to prepare yourself (and your legs!) for the hills of the Hudson valley.

25 Miles
Prior to the ride, make sure you get comfortable with your bicycle (make sure it is properly fit!), and get comfortable going both up and down hills; just remember to pace yourself. Shoot to ride at least twice a week and try to go for at least one (1) 18-20 mile ride prior to the event. There are some big hills on the A2C course, but trust us, the views are worth it.

50 Miles
Jumping to 50 miles is no small feat! You'll embark on a journey that will take you through the hills along the Hudson and through the small hamlets of the Lower Hudson Valley. You are going to be on your bike for a few hours, so be sure that you get comfortable sitting on a bike that long. Shoot to ride 3 times a week at the minimum and try to go out for one (1) 35-40 mile ride prior to the event. (Inside tip — the more you practice hills prior to the event, the easier they'll seem when you are out there on June 10. Plus, you'll leave your friends and colleagues in the dust!) 

100 Miles
Taking on a full century is a big challenge and will ultimately be an accomplishment that you'll remember forever. The distance also takes a lot of dedicated preparation. Try to build to 120-150+ miles a week, with a long ride that builds to 75+ miles. Hills… hills… and more hills… get comfortable on them, get to love them. Also be sure to get comfortable taking fluids and calories on your bike or at rest stops. In all likelihood, you are going to burn 3,500+ calories over the 100 miles!

Another important tip is to stay hydrated throughout your workout and to eat a healthy post exercise snack to fuel your body.

With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to conquering the course in 2018!